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Termite Inspection Letter Scheduling

Termite Inspection Letter Scheduling Service

At Framework, we understand that you may have many items to take care of  during the home buying process in a short amount of time.  We want to help by scheduling a termite letter for your property.  This will allow you to focus on more important items rather than coordinating your own termite letter service.  We will do the groundwork and find reputable companies you can trust and schedule the service for you.  

What is a Termite Letter?

A termite letter is also called a Termite Inspection Report or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.  These “letters” are typically required when purchasing or selling a home.  It is a document that can confirm a home has been inspected for any signs of wood-destroying insects and typically details the types of issues found such as damage or types of infestations.  In Tennessee, a typical inspection letter is good for 30 days. 

"We do the groundwork so you can trust the framework."

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