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Air Quality Testing

Framework Air Quality Testing Services
IAC2 Certified in Air Quality Testing

A healthy home requires healthy air.  Framework can perform an indoor air quality test that can determine the mold spore count within the air of the home.  Exposure to mold may cause negative health effects in some people.  Allergic reactions are the most common of these health effects with symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, runny nose, irritated eyes and skin rashes.  Mold may also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma, irritate eyes, skin, nose throat and lungs whether or not they are allergic to mold.  

How do we test?

Testing is performed using a Zefron Bio Pump for ten minutes in several locations.  Two tests are taken at the exterior, usually the front and back of the property. This is to develop a baseline for mold spore counts.  At least one test is taken on the interior.  The samples are collected in "cassettes" and sent to a lab for analysis.  Once the lab receives the samples, they will be analyzed and results are returned within 24-hrs.  These results, along with a highly detailed report, are sent to your email. The whole process, from initial test to receiving a report takes about three business days. 

Framework Air Quality Test - Exterior

Control Test Exterior Front

Framework Air Quality Test - Exterior

Control Test Exterior Back

Framework Air Quality Test - Interiror

Mold Test


What We look for

Several factors are needed to promote mold growth:

- Temperature range typically between 40°F and 100°F

- Presence of mold spores

- Nutrient base (most material contain nutrients)

- Moisture

If we notice musty smells or areas where all of these factors are present, mold may be present.  Mold growth is tricky in the fact that it may be hidden within walls or in areas that cannot be accessed or observed.  Mold not only causes potential health issues but can also quickly degrade building materials. Framework uses special tools to help locate problematic areas and we will do the best we can to identify why and where an issue may be present.  

Mold Sampling

When visible mold is noticed during your home inspection, we have the capabilities and resources to take samples and send them off to a lab to be tested.  A simple swab or "tape" sample is taken from the infected area and sent to a lab where it is then analyzed.  Once analyzed, the lab can confirm the type of mold that is present.



Framework Mold Sampling Services
IAC2 Certified in Mold Sampling

"We do the groundwork so you can trust the framework."

Mold Sampling

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